Homoerotic mailer created to attack GOP Senator Mark Grisanti for supporting Gay Marriage.

First reported by Politico, the news have reached HuffPo and Towleroad.

The ultra graphic mailer (with photos allegedly taken from porn site Corbin Fisher) which has yet to make it to any mailbox is an attack to GOP Senator Mark Grisanti who recently changed his vote to support Same-sex Marriage.

The back of the mailer has a more graphic photo that says, “Make sure your Son (sic) says, “Thank you, Mark Grisanti”.

When questioned about his support for Same-sex Marriage, Senator Grisanti responded:

“I cannot legally come up with an argument against same-sex marriage. Who am I to say that someone does not have the same rights that I have with my wife, who I love, or to have the 1,300-plus rights that I share with her?”

If you want to see the full ad, you may visit the NSFW photos here.

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