Aaron Schock, Republican Congressman, Responds To Gay Rumors, Anti-Gay Voting Record. HA! What do you think? POLL

One thing I don’t like about people is when they DO, NOT what they DO but what they SAY. Did that make sense?

Jefferson Bethke’s viral video of Jesus > Religion said: But the son of God never supports self righteousness not now, not then.

There have been rumors about Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois is gay. He did go on record before to answer the question saying that he is not. The rumors have kept on however and will not die.

Why does he get ask this persistent question? Because, like other Republicans (who got caught of being a closeted homosexual), they have done the following:

Social issues

Schock voted against amending federal hate crimes laws to include crimes where the victims were targeted on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and disability.[58] He voted against the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in December 2010.[36] Schock is opposed to gay marriage.[37] Schock opposes abortion and has voted to prohibit federal funding for the procedure.[59] – Wikipedia

I am reluctant to judge and like I said before, coming out is personal process for every individual. But, if you publicly oppose such social issues, then you are liable to answer the questions that are considered “against” the fiber of your being.

Many people suspect that he is gay because:

What do you think? Let’s take a poll:

via HuffPo

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