Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair during his RNC speech was probably not a good idea. (VIDEO)

I tried to watch as many speeches I could during the Republican National Convention this week.

I sat down during the first night and I got bored.  I didn’t watch any other speeches until last night when the RNC’s “mystery guest” was revealed.   Well, it wasn’t really a mystery because all media outlets already knew that it was going to be Clint Eastwood.

During his speech, he talked to an empty chair and pretended to be speaking to President Obama.

Okay, not only was everyone confused – everyone thought Clint was confused.  I could probably say that if you’re 21-years old and you include this gig in your speech, it would be totally awesome.  But, for an 88-year old?  People will surely wonder if you’re lost your marbles.

I didn’t like his speech nor did I like Mitt Romney’s speech.

I did love Marco Rubio and I think, if ever I vote for a Republican for president in my lifetime, it will be Marc Rubio.

Here’s the freaky video of Clint…. be prepared to be confused with him.

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