Viral Videos: August 21, 2012 – Prince Harry takes on Ryan Lochte in Las Vegas, Friends University Men’s Soccer Team and iPhone 5 Spoof Ad (VIDEOS)

I guess you can forget about the viral videos for this week since Prince Harry was caught on camera naked and the photo was posted on set the blogosphere ablaze!

But if you’ve seen the photo and have already said – “Oh. That’s it?”, you can now view this week’s viral videos which includes Prince Harry as well. The night when Prince Harry took on Olympian hunk Ryan Lochte in a Las Vegas swimming pool with a bunch of chicks was caught on video and posted on the web. Of course, anything Prince Harry right now goes viral. I mean, he’s the world’s most eligible bachelor!

Another video is of Friends University Men’s Soccer Team‘s cover of Teenage Dream outdoing the Harvard Baseball Team‘s viral video cover of Call Me Maybe. (I still think the guys from Harvard are cuter!)

And finally, the supposedly leaked advertisement for the new iPhone 5 that is supposed to be released in September. Watch the videos after the JUMP:

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