Newsweek Cover: Niall Ferguson on Why Barack Obama Needs to Go

I was disheartened to see the cover of Newsweek that says “Hit The Road, Barack – WHY WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT

I was speaking with friends of mine who are registered Democrats (I’m listed as an Independent) and they too believe that Pres. Barack Obama will be a one-term president.

I understand why they feel that way and why they don’t expect Pres. Obama to be re-elected.  As an independent, I really vote for the candidate that in my eyes, will take take of the issues that I face as a gay man.   I don’t see myself being aligned with Republican ideals but if the country needs to move forward and the choice is to move forward simply because of the economy, I will vote Republican.

But that’s not my only issue.  I have social concerns that a Republican president would be concerned with.  Like everyone else, I suffered through the fumbling economy (and continue to suffer because our company gave us a paycut in 2009 and gave measly raises in the years that followed).  I am also afraid about the future of America with trillions in debt and no real way to pay for it.

But in the end, would I vote Republican because of that?  I doubt it.  I will continue to support the Barack Obama I voted for back in 2008 simply because his ideals are aligned with mine.   I am keeping the hope that fellow gay Americans will vote for him again this year.  Otherwise, the rights we have fought so hard for will be taken away by Mitt Romney.  We didn’t get this far only to surrender and be silenced again. I will not give up.

via The Daily Beast

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