An Instant Hit: The Rich Kids of Instagram (PHOTOS)

Funny how social networking can expose lifestyles of the rich and (was not) famous (until now).

Instagram is an app where people posts photos taken at the moment and upload them instantly.  Well, someone had the idea to collect photos of rich kids showing their fancy cars, jewels and lavish vacations.

Imagine a gold iPhone, a bill at St. Tropez for 107K, a kid who’s probably not even 21 years old standing next to a Bentley, and standing in front of  a Quest Kodiak airplane which costs $1.7 million dollars.

Well, these people do have the money to spend…. and if you’re interested, search for Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr or click this link.

Just like Texts from Hillary, this tumblr account has reached popularity in little or not time at all.

Here are additional photos, if you can believe them.

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