Diver Tom Daley Shows Off Photos From Olympic Village. Looking sexy in a fireman’s suit.

Tom Daley in the Olympic Village with Jack Laugher and Chris Mears (Twitter / Instagram / Tom Daley / Jack Laugher) 26/07/2012

Photo Credit: EW

Okay, stop the ooohs and aaaahhs. It’s Tom Daley and we all know he’s cute.

His mum recently revealed that Tom has not had a “proper girlfriend” and prefers to go on quiz nights since he got his driver’s license.

Howcome is it that there are many searches on my blog to find out if Tom Daley is gay?

One thing I heard which makes sense is that, “If you’ve not been suspected to be gay, you’re not that famous.”

That rings true to our British diver! We still love you Tom!

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