Jim Furmen, Owner of Wendy’s Franchises in NC Post Signs: ‘We Stand with Chick-Fil-A’

Seriously, I’ve been sickened by Chick-Fil-A ever since the “guitly-as-charged” comment by its president, Dan Cathy. I didn’t want to give space anywhere in my blog about Chick-Fil-A but I guess, I have to.


Boycott of Chick-Fil-A became rampant due to the power of social media. Facebook and Twitter were filled with comments and opinions about the issue.  Support of the franchise were also visible among vocal political celebrities like Rick Santorum and Sarah PalinNancy Pelosi showed her disappointment by saying, “I like Kentucky Fried Chicken”.




Bottomline is, if we know that Chick-Fil-A supports anti-gay organizations, it’s pretty easy – don’t patronize them. When their P&L show the change, then they can continue to support whatever they support. Harping about it a million times and not doing anything about is the same as supporting them.


Now, an owner of Wendy’s franchise in North Carolina – Jim Furmen, have posted signs all over the state (where he owns 86 of them) that says, “We Stand With Chick Fil A”. Well and good. But does Wendy’s Corporate have the same stance? We all have to dig into it and see. Because if they do, let’s do the same thing. Let them see their bottom line. Their P&L. After all, business is business.


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