UPDATE: Kristen Stewart Moved Out of L.A. Home, Not Robert Pattinson


Every single girl (or guy) out there must be feeling for Rob Pattinson.  Their hearts go out to the heartthrob who got cheated on and probably, the girls are hatin’ cheatin’ Kristen Stewart.

As previously reported, Rob Pattinson had moved out of the Los Angeles home that the ex-couple shared together.  Actually, a source had told People.com that it wasn’t Rob who moved out but Kristen.

Just as recent as Saturday, a UHaul truck was seen in the driveway and if Rob’s demeanor tells us something, he probably is very heart-broken by the whole thing and would probably find it hard to trust another girl again after what has been done to him.

I was speaking to friends about this incident and we do understand that things happen, but come on now Kristen!  Cheat on Rob Pattinson?

Anyway, the source also said that Rob wants to have a man-to-man talk with Rupert Sanders to understand how this could happen and rightfully, reports also say that Rob hasn’t spoken to Kristen since the news about the fling broke out.

via ExtraTV.com

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