Olympic Diver Tom Daley Receives Death Threat Over Twitter, 17-year old fan, arrested.

I understand fans getting over fanatic during the Olympics but there’s a line that you can’t cross.  One of them is calling on death threats against your idol.

Apparently, a 17-year old fan used Twitter to send messages to his idol, British Diver Tom Daley.  It started when Daley finished fourth place.  The tweet was already offensive saying , “You let your dad down i hope you know that.”.  Daley’s father died of cancer in 2011.  However, it didn’t end there.  Daley responded, “After giving it my all…you get idiot’s sending me this…”

He mentioned on Twitter that he had a gun.  That gave cause for police to arrest the 17-year old.  The boy was given a warning, bailed and released.

Come on guys.  Support your idol but if they don’t win, you should still be on their side.  They did their best and that’s the only thing you can ask for.

To diver Tom Daley – – – I’m still a fan!

To see a collection of photos of Tom Daley, visit this site.

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