Sext Me Maybe? Carly Rae Jepsen’s Nude Pics Leaked? Another Hacking Victim.

Yes, everyone who is alive and not living under a rock knows Carly Rae Jepsen.  I recently claimed her song “Call Me Maybe”, the Summer Song of 2012.  Many people have covered her song from all over the world on Youtube and most of them have become viral videos.  Hey, it’s a fun song.  What can you expect.

Most recently however (as recent as yesterday), it was confirmed that the singer’s computer was hacked and that Vancouver Police was contacted to investigate.  Private photos of the singer is now somewhere out there and could be leaked at any moment.  This is a serious issue and Carly is another celebrity who has become the victim of hackers who steal private photos and post them online.

Then again, who among us don’t have private naked photos in our home computer?  Some of us have actually put someone in charge to delete all contents of our home computer in case we die unexpectedly. (Ooopps… I’m not talking about me here.)

All we have to do is learn from this issue.  Do not take naked photos of yourself.  If you do, you have to know that there is a chance sometime, somewhere, that the world will see it.

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