WATCH: Our straightest hero – Zach Wahls – appear in an Obama Campaign Video for Marriage Equality

He became a star and a Youtube sensation when he made that speech before House of Representatives in Iowa in trying to defend the legality of same-sex marriage.  His speech was simple but honest and rang true to many all over the world.  He has recently created a petition on asking for support about Scout leaders after the removal of Jennifer Tyrrell as den leader for the Cub Scouts when they found out she was gay and have asked supporters to demand her reinstatement.  His name is Zach Wahls. A person raised by two loving moms… yes, they are lesbians.

When his viral video came out, he had been asked by many networks who interviewed him if he would run for public office.  At that time, he was 19-years old. He has since written a book, “My Two Moms” and have traveled everywhere, appeared on many television networks.

Now, he has a video for the Obama Campaign speaking about marriage equality and what it means to him



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