Are mermaids real? Animal Planet’s Mermaid: Body Found for Monster Week generates a lot of questions. (VIDEOS)

Animal Planet aired a show last night that generated a lot of interests in mermaids. The title? Mermaids: Body Found.   Are they real?  Do they exist?  Is there a government cover-up?  What’s the real story about mermaids?

The phrase Mermaids Body Found was trending on Google Trends all morning.

If you go to Youtube, and search for mermaids – there are literally hundreds of videos claiming that these creatures were found at this shore and that shore, this country or that country.

But, the skeptics are now wondering when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued an official statement disproving the existence of mermaids.  They thought, “Why would there be a need to issue a statement?”

Well, it was prior to the airing of the show on Animal Planet.  If you missed it, watch the videos below:

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