What’s wealth without love? Tom Cruise named highest paid actor by Forbes. Celebrates 50th birthday without Katie Holmes.

That’s just it.  We simply can’t have it all.

Tom Cruise was named “highest paid actor” by Forbes, earning a whopping $75 million in a span of one year starting May 2011 to May 2012.    He turned 50 over the weekend with a heavy load.   Katie Holmes, his wife for approximately five years have filed for divorce.

Katie Holmes has rented an apartment in New York and filed for divorce in New York.  Talks say that she did this on the advice of her father, who is a divorce lawyer.  They must know what they are up against – knowing Tom Cruise has his connections.

Some say that Katie felt that she was limited by Tom Cruise and cannot advance in her career in acting.  Others say, it’s a Scientology issue where Suri is being forced to attend some kind of a “Scientology camp” that Katie is opposed.  And of course, there are those “bending it with Bechkam” rumors as well.

Regardless of the reason, Katie has decided to move on with her life.  It’s a rough time for both of them but I’m sure it’s a rougher time for Tom Cruise who has been married and divorced twice before.  Could the third time be the charm?

Katie was quick to remove her wedding ring.  An obvious declaration of freedom.  I wonder how bad this would get.

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