Is Katie Holmes being followed by men of Scientology? Tom Cruise to file custody of Suri.


When the news broke out that Katie Holmes had filed for divorce against husband and Mission Impossible star, Tom Cruise and sole custody of their daugther, Suri – many were nervous.  The Church of Scientology is well-connected to Tom Cruise and just like it was rumored about Nicole Kidman being followed by Church of Scientology people when she filed for divorce from Tom back then, Katie Holmes was more likely to experience the same.

Reports from TMZ says that Katie Holmes believes she is being followed by the Church and that she fears for her safety.  Church of Scientology lawyer, Gary Soter, responded and told TMZ that the Church is not following Katie.

One would wonder what kind of a church (or perceived to be a cult by many) will have someone followed just to be sure nothing against them is being said?

Now, Tom Cruise is rumored to fight back and file his own custody fight for Suri.  Please note that Tom did win custody of their children against Nicole Kidman.  Let’s hope that this doesn’t get messier than it already is.

Lesson learned: Never marry someone you had a crush on when you were 13-years old.


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