Filthy-mouthed teddy bear wins the box office beating male strippers…..hmmmm

I was sure that this weekend would be the time when my friends will get together to see Magic Mike, the Steven Soderbergh film about male strippers (I will not name them since I always have a hard time spelling Matthew’s last name!).  It was a recipe for success because women go gaga over these guys anyway but it would have been more of a success if gay guys actually watched the film.

Apparently, not enough of my gay friends stormed the theaters for this film.  TED, the adult comedy about a talking teddy bear which also stars hunky Mark Wahlberg, won the box office with $54.1 million dollar opening.  While my bet, which was Magic Mike – took second place with $39.2 million followed by Disney’s Brave with $34 million.

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