Justin Bieber’s “Believe” Album debuts at No. 1. Beliebers bought 374,000 copies.


What else could Justin Bieber ask for?

He’s got a smokin’ hot girlfriend, has a great career and many followers who truly support him to make his album “Believe” his fourth number one album.

Can you believe that the kid has already sold more than 15 million album since his first record?

Bieber’s got the clean image. And this is a great tool for a rising superstar. If he remains the cleanest boy-next-door artist – – he’s going to make more money in the future. Imagine if your parents agree with you that you should idolize Justin Bieber just because he’s clean cut and adorable? That, in itself, is a gold mine.

His latest album also debuted at no. 1 in 29 other countries. Ka-ching!!!

via Yahoo! News

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