Is Savannah Guthrie replacing Anne Curry on “TODAY”? Anne Curry reportedly staying with NBC.

Since the news broke out that TODAY co-host Anne Curry might get the boot from the morning show, it has been uncomfortable to watch the podcast of the show on my iPhone.  I can sense the tension between Matt Lauer and Anne Curry and that the two doesn’t interact well anymore because of rumors that Matt Lauer asked for Anne Curry to be replaced due to low ratings in the past year and his lack of chemistry with Curry.  I always thought that Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira had the best chemistry.

Although there hasn’t been any full confirmation just yet, there are talks about who’s going to replace Anne Curry.    Savannah Guthrie is one name that had been mentioned by blogs and entertainment websites.  That would be great for Savannah after only four years with NBC.

There are talks as well that Natalie Morales, a part of the TODAY team – will be leaving NBC.  That has been denied by NBC Universal.

I read in the paper today that Curry will be paid the remainder of her $10 million contract when she leaves.

via Celebuzz

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