MUST WATCH: Gay Marriage ‘A Cappella’ Proposal of the Day (VIDEO)

My co-worker and I (who’s also gay) share videos of Same-sex Marriage Proposals. We both love watching them and get teary-eyed simply because it is a sign of the world moving forward.

We’re both for Marriage Equality and even though I have told him that I will probably never get married to anyone in my life (yes, I’m a little jaded), I still enjoy watching people celebrate love…. whether it be straight or gay.

So, here’s another video which you are perfectly allowed to share with others.. the marriage proposal of Kyle Piers & Tommy Barth. They set the date to get married on October 12, 2013 in honor of Matthew Shepard’s life and legacy. What an amazing tribute. Congratulations guys!

Thanks to Andy Towle for posting this. Love it!


via Towleroad

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