Antigay 14 Year Old Caiden Cowger Says Obama Made His Former Friends Gay. For realz??

I’m sure 14-year old teenager Caiden Cowger didn’t cook this up himself.  There’s a root to all of this.  He didn’t become antigay overnight.  If you ask me, I would blame it on the parents.

It’s hurtful to see that we still have this younger generation being taught hate and for this 14-year old to be given a radio show as his platform to encourage hate is simply wrong.  Of course, the conservatives will call this “free speech”.  The kid has gotten so famous, he got to interview Herman Cain and many others.

He is accusing President Obama of being responsible for making his friends gay.  Seriously?  He goes on to say that (homosexuality)  is “sickening” to him, that it is a “belief” and that they are “not born that way no matter what Lady Gaga says.”

The original video was taken off Youtube due to a violation in their policy against hate speech. TMZ has a copy .. so here it is.



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