America’s Got Talent contestant Timothy Poe a FRAUD?

It’s okay to tell a white lie once in a while. I think many of us have done so to protect someone from being hurt or to help someone build their confidence and so forth. But, to lie about something for self-promotion and receive pity-votes is just wrong.

AGT contestant Tim Poe have just been outed by TMZ. His 14-years of military service in Afghanistan is untrue. The segment on America’s Got Talent video showed a photo of a soldier who really isn’t Timothy Poe. The real guy on the photo is Staff Sgt. Norman Bone who was taken aback when he found out that his photo was used by this guy with a made-up story.

You can watch the video below – and I’m telling you, if this video was authentic, I would say that this guy has a chance in getting a record deal. But now that we are told that the whole story was made-up – would you support someone like him? I think he disrespected the men and women in the military who offered their lives for the service of this country. It’s a shame.



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