Sheryl Crow has a Brain Tumor

It’s hard to imagine that Sheryl Crow, 50-years old,  who battled breast cancer successfully, has now revealed that she has a brain tumor to a Las Vegas reporter last night.

One would think, how can someone go through a scare like this twice.?

Fortunately, the tumor is benign and that she has nothing to worry about.  The tumor was found during an MRI the singer had requested worrying about her memory levels.

It is surprising that a brain tumor is more common that we think. Her rep talked with E! and said:

“Half of us are walking around with [meningioma] but you don’t really know unless you happen to have an MRI,” she said. “[Crow] has no symptoms and everything is fine. It was a random mention during the [Vegas] interview. It was not meant to alarm anyone. She is doing great and is healthy and happy.”

Read more via E! Online.

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