Company policies are changing: Lancaster Newspapers changes engagement announcement policy. It now allows same-sex engagement announcements.

The world is constantly evolving and if truth be known, the shift is happening about same-sex couples to have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

An initial request for an engagement announcement was preliminarily denied by Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. saying that it was not “consistent with prevailing community standards”.  The couple contacted a local television station and told them that the newspaper would not run the ad.   Well, the paper received a lot of feedback from the community saying that they were wrong.  Readers of the paper came out in support of the same-sex couple. The paper changed their policy and even called the couple and apologized to Jeffrey Clouser and Brent A. Weaver of Rapho Township.   YAY!!

Lancaster Newspapers Inc. has reversed policy and will run engagement announcements of same-sex couples, the company president said.

The turnabout came Monday evening, the same day Harold E. Miller, president and chief executive officer of Lancaster Newspapers Inc., explained the advertising department had recently rejected a paid engagement announcement from a same-sex couple because it was not “consistent with prevailing community standards.”

The change was driven in part by reader response to that position.

“We had a lot of reaction to this, both pro and con to this issue, and really thought through what people were telling us,” Miller said.

Many readers who posted on the paper’s Facebook page and the Talkback section of Lancaster Online criticized the former policy Monday.

“We think interaction with our readers is very important for this company, and we had a chance to hear what people said,” he said.

Miller called the couple to tell them of the change and to apologize.

Jeffrey Clouser and Brent A. Weaver, of Rapho Township, plan to resubmit their announcement to run in the Sunday News’ Celebrations section. Lancaster Newspapers publishes the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era and the Sunday News.

via Lancaster Online

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