Zombie Apocalypse: Another incident in Baltimore will make you wonder. Cannibalism on the rise. (VIDEO)

In a bizarre twist, another incident of cannibalism occurred in Baltimore, MD., according to CBS Baltimore.  This strange occurrence happened after a naked man was found chewing the face of a homeless man.  The naked man, Rudy Eugene had to be shot to death in order to stop him.  Bath salts are being blamed which was allegedly ingested by Rudy presumed to have given him such voracious appetite for human flesh.

The new incident involves a Alexander Kinyua, Morgan State University Engineering student who is accused of killing his 37-year old roommate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.

The report stated that Alexander ate the heart and part of the brain of his roommate who has been missing since May 25th. Alexander is being charged with first-degree murder.



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