Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg slips off the Top 40 Richest in the world.

This may have been the reason that Mark Zuckerberg allegedly wasn’t providing tips at places in Europe where he and his wife were dined – or maybe the reason why he’s eating at McDonalds.  LOL!

Due to the downward spiral of Facebook stock since its IPO, many investors are now questioning whether the stock is properly valued.  Figuring out all the math (and I’m not a wizard at this – I just read it from this morning’s paper), the P/E or Price to Earnings ratio is valuing the stock only at $23.00 a share as opposed to the $38.00 per share it offered during the IPO.  Hence, the stock has plummeted 27% and is now trading at around $27.00 per share.

Actually, that’s what I love about Mark Zuckerberg.  He’s pretty much down-to-earth enough to still eat at places where regular people eat.  He’s a billionaire alright but the guy is not flaunting it.

Photo above shows Facebook Founder and CEO and wife eating McDonalds meal in Rome.


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