Are we entering the Zombie Apocalypse Era? Ingested bath salts to blame for zombie-like attack? (VIDEO)

This story is almost unbelievable if you ask me. I am a little late in reporting this but there has been numerous zombie-like (cannibalistic) attacks in the past week that it will make you think about the “zombie apocalypse”. With the surge of cannibalistic attacks being reported in the news, these were the most horrible ones.

This one is about a guy 31-year old Rudy Eugene eating the face off of 65-year old Ronald Poppo (a homeless man) in broad daylight. When cops were called, they found Rudy eating off the face of Ronald Poppo and despite warning shots fired, Rudy would not stop chewing off the homeless man’s face which forced the officers to shoot Rudy to stop him from continuing the attack. Doesn’t that sound like a scene from Chernobyl Diaries? Well, it’s not. Somehow, there are reports that Rudy ingested bath salts which may have contributed to the attack. You can read the full story here.

And how about the mom who dismembered her child, ate of the child’s brain and toes before stabbing herself? That’s a real story too!

Are we in a Zombie Apocalypse age?

You decide…

via Times Union

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