Would you be pleased or upset about this? Clint Eastwood’s daughter burns $100,000 handbag

I have known many luxury bag lovers in my time.  I have a friend named Tasha, who owns mainly Louis Vuitton Bags.  I have another friend –  LV Lover, who also owns a lot of LV, Moynat, Chanel, Celine and a prized Hermes Birkin bags.  I have not seen any of them burn or destroy any bag let alone burn a $100,00 bag for art’s sake.

That’s exactly what Clint Eastwood‘s daughter did.

Now the star of reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, Francesca Eastwood – who is only 19-years old, and photographer Tyler Shields thought it was a great idea to hack a Birkin (which sometimes can cost more than 100 grand!) and set it on fire.  Not only that, they also took a Christian Louboutin shoes and did the same thing which can cost between $300 – $1500 a pair.

For many of us who can barely afford a Coach bag, many found the gesture so offensive that comments immediately poured into the photographer’s website where the photo was posted.

Here are a few:

Wow.  I get that there’s an art here.  But at this moment in time when so many people are struggling to afford even the basics of food and shelter, surely you can see what an enormous luxury it is to own something so expensive and then to destroy it for art.  How about auctioning it off and giving the proceeds to art workshops for kids who couldn’t afford them otherwise?

What total spoiled rotten jerks!  If Clint Eastwood wasn’t your Father, you wouldn’t have a pot to piss in!
This is a total disgrace and a lack of understanding the world situation.  Shame on both of you!

I’m glad you two have lived such a priviledge life you no idea what kind of idiots you really are.. You might make it till lunch in the real world with a real job… That bag cost more than the average home in the farming community where I live… yes farming stupid .. we grow your food…. Just remember some times Karma can really sneak up and bite you… Go ahead and continue your worthless existance…

BTW… I can take a better pic with my cell phone.


via TODAY.com

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