Phillip Phillips Surgery POSTPONED. I am not totally heartless. Wishing Phillip Phillips well.

Okay.  You can say that I’m a bit bitter for the loss of my American Idol, Jessica Sanchez.  But I didn’t dislike Phillip Phillips.  I thought he was good as well but I just didn’t think he was a better singer.  I even predicted his win over Jessica because of sympathy votes due to his recurring kidney issues.

Yet, I am not totally heartless.  What Phillip Phillips is going through is a serious condition and TMZ just reported today that the scheduled kidney surgery was postponed due to high fever caused by sinus infection that the AI winner is suffering through.

If you remember, he was not able to be present in any of the Ford commercials because he had this kidney issue which from what I heard is totally painful and he had to suffer through it all throughout the competition.

Listen, I just had my appendix taken out last December and if that was painful, I’ve heard kidney issues can make you drop to the floor in pain.  So, on that note – here’s wishing Phillip Phillips a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.  Let’s hope that the prolonged wait for the surgery didn’t do much damage to his congenital kidney disorder.

Stay well Phillip!


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