On a lighter note, latest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg weds longtime girlfriend, Pricilla Chan (Pictures & Video)

Not only was I devastated that my longtime crush, Mark Zuckerberg got married over the weekend, I was also bummed that I will never have a chance with him… I’m Asian too you know! 🙂

Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan at a surprise wedding party on Saturday. It was believed that the wedding was kept under wraps and even the guests weren’t aware that they were attending a wedding. They all thought that it was a party for Pricilla who graduated from medical school.

The guests were surprised to find out that the party they were invited to was the couple’s nuptials. It was a very private ceremony. It is said to have been attended only by 100 close friends and family. How the heck did he pull that off?

I guess, with Facebook going public, the attention was on its initial public offering which really didn’t bump much from the initial price of $38.00 a share. The day ended with the stock price only .23 cents higher than the opening price.

Either way, a billionaire at 28-years old, it was a surprise that the wedding wasn’t as lavish as everyone would expect from a billionaire. The Housewives of Orange County spend more money on weddings than Mark Zuckerberg did.

Both Chan and Zuckerberg changed their Facebook relationship status to married. Awwwwwww…. whatever.

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