Manny Pacquiao attempts to clear his name. “Bible says Do not judge, I am not judging.” I apologize.

The 24-hour firestorm that Manny Pacquiao received when he was “misquoted” by journalist, Granville Ampong was so quick and fierce that the boxer is now apologizing to the LGBT community. He still clearly believes that same-sex marriage is not the “law of God” and therefore still does not agree with it but he apologized to the LGBT community for the misunderstanding.

The article that appeared at quoted Leviticus 20:13 which includes a death wish to a man who sleeps with a man as that with a woman. The quote appeared to have been quoted by Manny Pacquiao but the journalist admitted that it was him who inserted the quote.

The backlash began with the boxer being banned to enter The Grove mall where Manny had a scheduled interview with Mario Lopez (a big fan of Pacquiao) for Extra. Mario Lopez ended up changing the venue and interviewed Pacman at his home in Los Angeles. Then, a petition at was started to ask Nike to drop Manny Pacquiao as an endorser of the brand but was later pulled when the truth came out.

Manny has since apologized saying:

“To the gay community, I apologize,” Pacquiao told Lopez. “I’m against same-sex marriage, but I’m not condemning you. My favorite verse is ‘Love one another as you love yourself. Love your neighbor.’ So I love everybody!”

I just don’t understand how you can believe in equal rights but deny the rights for same-sex couples to marry.

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