Fourth man accusing John Travolta for inappropriate behavior at Former Peninsula Hotel

Whether you believe it or not, the accusations against John Travolta and his “alleged sexual advances” against masseur and spa employees is not ready to settle down just yet.

Another man named Michael Caputo has spoken to New York Daily News and has told the paper the John Travolta was once banned for over three years because of inappropriate behavior.

“Travolta would always request a man for his massage, but after a while no one would take him,” Caputo shares. “It got to the point where they couldn’t find any men to take him, and they had to ban him.”

Are these men coming out simply to get their 15 minutes of fame?  Come on, does it take years before you report incidents like these?

And Caputo also states that John Travolta was eventually removed from the blacklist.  On what grounds?

More questions come with these claims.  I don’t know how long Travolta’s lawyers have to fend these accusations off before someone really thinks these accusations are true.

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