Third man’s the charm. John Travolta is accused by third guy for sexual advances.

John Travolta‘s attorney calls the claim “ridiculous”, a third man from Chile, named Fabian Zanzi (no longer unnamed like John Doe #1, and John Doe #2).  He claims that he was offered $12,000 to have sex with Travolta but he declined.  The claimant says that it occurred on a Royal Caribbean Cruise back in 2009 when he was asked by Travolta for a massage when Travolta suddenly removed his robe, fully naked, and hugged Fabian.

Wasn’t John Doe #1 already proven wrong because he claimed that the incident happened between him and John Travolta in Beverly Hills when proof photos of John Travolta surfaced online that he was in New York City on January 16th? A restaurant receipt also surfaced showing the bill from a Chinese restaurant in NYC where the actor had supposedly dined on the same date.

Now, John Doe #1 is saying that he got his dates mixed up.  (Eheeeeem paycheck!!!!)

With the third guy actually willing to put his name out there, do you think there’s any credibility to it?  Travolta’s lawyer dismisses the claim.

“This is just another ridiculous claim by someone hopping on the bandwagon to get his 15 minutes of fame with a story about something that supposedly happened over three years ago,” Travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer, tells E! News regarding Zanzi. “Significantly, we never heard of this guy before. The fact that we are only hearing about him now through tabloid gossip stories three years later speaks volumes.”

What do you think?  I think clearly, these are people who wants the spotlight for a bit hoping to make cash off of it.

via E! Online

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