First proof where John Travolta was on the day John Doe #1 accused him of sexually assaulting him. Or is it?

TMZ has that power.  As soon as news comes out, they have the evidence in their hands.  They get copies of divorce papers before anyone else gets a hold of it, videos of scandals before anyone publishes it.  Darn, they’re good!

So here’s the kicker.  John Doe 1, who filed a lawsuit accusing John Travolta of touching his genitals while he gave the actor a professional massage on January 16th is being challenged by “proof”.  A proof that John Travolta was nowhere near Beverly Hills during the alleged incident.

A photo was published by TMZ showing John Travolta, wearing a beanie and a scarf.  Sure, people in California tend to pretend that it’s freezing out there by wearing scarves and beanies – but it was not taken in California.  The photo was taken in New York City because he was in NYC.

If that isn’t enough, TMZ also published a restaurant receipt (below) from Mr. Chow where John Travolta dined on January 16th.  TMZ went as far as confirming if Mr. Travolta actually dined at the restaurant on that date and they received a positive response.  YES, Mr. Travolta was in NYC.

But, is this enough to proof the plaintiff’s claim to be false?  We shall see.



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