George Clooney’s Barack Obama Fundraiser Expected to Raise a Record-Breaking $12 Million

The heat is on folks.

The election is going to be here faster than you can imagine.  President Barack Obama can raise big bucks.   Put George Clooney in the mix and you’ve got a winner.

According to E! Online, the fundraiser dinner on May 10th is expected to raise $12 million for President Barack Obama’s Campaign.   I am waiting for my invitation.  🙂

The superstar actor-cum-activist-cum-overall awesome guy will reportedly rustle up $12 million at his May 10 fundraising dinner for President Barack Obama in Los Angeles, scoring a record as the biggest U.S. presidential campaign fundraiser in history, per The Hollywood Reporter.

I will be voting for Barack Obama again this coming election.  Who will you be voting for?
Read more via E! Online
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