Australian mining magnate: Clive Palmer to rebuild a replica of the Titanic and help complete it’s original journey in 2016

On April 15, 1912, the unsinkable luxury cruise liner called the Titanic took to her maiden voyage from England to New York.  The journey was cut short when the ship hit an iceberg and sank, killing over 1500 people.

The sinking of The Titanic just marked its 100th year this year.  Australia’s mining magnate, Clive Palmer said that he will build a “near replica of the ship” and it will take sail by 2016 hoping to complete the journey from England to New York.

Would you want to take a voyage on that ship?  I probably would but …..

Here’s what the billionaire said to The Morning Herald:

“Mr Palmer said his new company Blue Star Line Pty Ltd had commissioned the state-owned Chinese company CSC Jinling Shipyard to build a near replica of the ill-fated Titanic. The cost is unknown.

” ‘It will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic but of course it will have state-of-the-art 21st century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems,’ he said.”



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