I think this time I agree wtih Rosie O’Donnell. Lindsay Lohan needs to be told. (VIDEO)

Rosie O’ Donnell clarified her statement regarding Lindsay Lohan on NBC’s Today show. If you recall, the Queen of Nice said that Lindsay Lohan should not be playing Elizabeth Taylor. Every media outlet translated that to her saying that Lindsay Lohan is not talented enough to play Liz Taylor.

Her comment created a firestorm online. She went on Today again to clarify that she doesn’t believe Linday Lohan is not talented but that she has other and more important issues to take care of. She even likened her to Whitney Houston where “everyone knew (she was doing drugs) but not many said anything to interfere”.

I must agree. Lindsay Lohan should not be given jobs unless they can prove that she is sober, that she is responsible (shows up on time!!! Hello Glee!), and that she’s not going to end up like Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston.

You go girl! This is one time I am agreeing with you. Tell Lindsay. Someone has to!

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via Hollywood.com

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