Christians need to show how the Gospel of Jesus is good news for gay people.. – Archbishop of Wales

The Catholic Church has vowed to fight gay marriage to the end.  That isn’t flowing anymore.  More and more churches are noting that treating gays as a second class citizen in the most un-Christian thing to do.  According to Dr. Barry Morgan, the church “need to show how the Gospel of Jesus is good news for gay people”.


“My concern at the moment is that in any discussion which might ensue on this, gay people may once more gain the impression that the church is uncaring and unsympathetic.

“Things could be said in the coming months which I think could seriously damage people pastorally so it is that pastoral issue that I want to address.”

The Archbishop said that while the Bishops of the Church in Wales abided by the Christian doctrine of marriage as the union of one man with one woman freely entered into for life, they agreed that “all life-long committed relationships deserved the welcome, pastoral care and support of the Church and they were committed to further listening, prayerful reflection and discernment regarding same-sex relationships”.

We are moving forward but still not enough to be treated equally.  Lifelong commitments, be it heterosexual or homosexual, should be respected.

via WalesOnline

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