Got products you love? Make money by endorsing it with Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger Platform – Just launched (VIDEO).

Do you have a product you like?  When you like something, do you blog about  it?

Then, you will be pleased with Google’s lauch of Affiliate Ads for Bloggers.

It’s an advertising medium and if you already have adsense, this is an additional way for you to earn an income.

If you have a hobby, a sport, or any favorite product – you can avail of Google Affiliate Ads.

This is easy for those who use Blogger as their platform.  When someone purchases a product from your recommendation, you earn money.

Watch the video below:

One catch.. you have to have a Google Adsense Account because that is how you are going to get paid. You don’t necessarily have to display Adsense on your blog to become an Affiliate Ad member.

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