Jack and Rose weren’t the only one in love on Titanic. Gay Love Story Revealed.

Archie Butt (right) with President William Howard Taft.

Call it a very close friendship.  Call it bromance.  But there is some proof that there was a gay love story that sunk with the Titanic a century ago.

Queerty reports of a special friendship between Francis D. Millet and Major Archibald Butt who went down with the unsinkable ship.  Their story is one of love and although it was not called a “gay” relationship, people who can read between the lines will probably say so today.

It’s kind of The Art of Manliness showing the history and nature of man’s friendships in 19th century America.

Major Archie Butt was profiled by James Gifford, an historian for OutHistory.org.   If you read it, you will definitely agree that there was something special in his relationship with Mr. Millet.  The article had this section that would give it away:

The memorial fountain in Washington to Butt’s and Millet’s friendship may or may not speak of a deeper sympathy. This may be hinted at in the following:

“’No Damon and Pythias friendship could have been closer than the friendship of Major Butt and Millet,’ said Mr. [Richard B.] Watrous [Secretary of the American Civic Association]. ‘The two kept quarters together and were inseparable when both were in Washington. They lived near the Metropolitan Club, Butt being, as is well known, a bachelor [my italics], and Mr. Millet’s family being quartered at his home in England . . . . Among all of us who knew of the close friendship of Major Butt and Mr. Millet there has been the tensest of feeling since the news of disaster to the Titanic reached us.’

Was that love or was that love?  I would say …. IT WAS!

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