Beyoncé’s Handwritten Letter to Michelle Obama Gets Criticized with Mean Comments.


Beyoncé posted a personal letter on her website directed to First Lady Michelle Obama.  It was simply a sincere gesture of thanks directed to Michelle and we thought it was really sweet.  However, comments received on E!’s website got way too critical of the singer’s letter.

But, people are no longer concerned about sincerity these days.  They have to all be grammar-**zis and pick apart a note written with sincerity.  Some comments are outright mean-spirited.  At least, that is our opinion.

Here are some of the comments:

Wow all the money in the world can’t buy an education. Seriously if you are going to write a letter addressing the first lady, at least ensure you have grammatical accuracies and that the letter is professional. Her penmanship is awful as well. Go back to school, you have the money.

u is not a word and up to is two words. Why does she switch back and forth from printing to cursive, sometimes in the middle of a word. I am glad her kid has someone else to look up to, because her mother is an idiot

Whatever! She is doing whatever she can to get attention while she is supposedly resting after someone else had her baby for her * * * Plus, doesn’t she have someone on staff who could have edited that note? Handwritten notes are nice only when you have nice handwriting yourself. Too sloppy! And Justine, I wanted Hillary for president, as life was great for everyone while Bill was in office. I didn’t think Obama had the experience, but a whole bunch of Black, white, and other folks did.

Oh my. I would be embarrassed for my family to ever receive that note. I would be horrified if someone from my family was that ignorant in their writing skills.

How incredibly self-indulgent of her. So sad that her hand writing looks like that of a 13 year old girl.

Who the heck writes a personal letter to a close friend and posts it on the website for everyone to see? Wait, I know…someone who is posturing and pretentious. I’m sure that Michelle Obama will rest easier tonight knowing that she has Beyonce’s approval. LMAO

isn’t switching between cursive and printing a sign of psychological disorders?

That didn’t stop supporters from protecting the singer’s note though.  Some wrote:

Most of you people are being petty! Certainly you must realize that this woman took the time to write the First Lady?! Most celebrities could care less what’s gong on in the country, as long as the money rolls in and they stay in the limelight!!! So, her penmanship isn’t that great. Far better than 95% of the people that are on the internet today. At least I could read it! Bad penmanship doesn’t make you an idiot. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever known couldn’t write a letter by hand to save their lives. Yet they were college educated. As for the black and racist comments: You are fighting the wrong war. The Civil War ended in 1865!!! You should be fighting the war against illegals in the U.S., cancer, MD, AIDS, etc. Do some good with your life and stop spreading hate!

Wow! People honestly have nothing better to do. I usually do not comment on articles, but the comments on here are absurd. People, she is writing a PERSONAL, not FORMAL, letter to the First Lady on HER personal website. Its HER website she can do whatever the **** she wants to do. The fact that you guys are criticizing her handwriting is almost hilarious. First you hate on her pregnancy, baby, career, and now her penmanship!This is sad. There are plenty of doctors with handwriting and grammar usage that is worse than a three year old’s and they’ve been through years of graduate education. She’s doing something heartfelt the way SHE wants to do it. Honestly, leave her alone and get a life.
This is disgusting to hear these ignorant people hating on such a great woman.Who really gives a **** about if her handwriting is messy which it is not.You people should see how racist you are being. Thank you jenny and Katie for being nice and not being ignorant racist people.It is actually nice for B to write a letter in her own handwriting not just some typed up **** that all you guys prob do.This letter comes from B’s sweet heart not your guys evil sour hearts get a life dickheads.
Here’s the letter:

via E! Online

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