OMG!! I Love him already! Jake Gyllenhaal saves drivers from parking fines

This is why Jake Gyllenhaal made it to Chuva’s Chuva Hotness Series.  The gorgeous actor is not only gorgeous outside but inside as well!  I fell in love with him before, I think I’m in love again…..

He’s got a big heart and I will always love him for it.

Could you die?

The Brokeback Mountain star was returning to his vehicle after a day of shopping when he saw a law enforcement official standing near a number of parked cars.A witness tells America’s Star magazine, “Jake was shopping in Beverly Hills and noticed a few parking metres were about to expire. And he saw that the parking enforcers were standing right there, waiting to issue tickets when they ran out.”In a bid to save the drivers from a hefty fine, Gyllenhaal reached into his pocket for some spare change and used the coins to stave off the metres from expiration.


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