Hunger Games took in $33.5 Million topping box office ticket sales for the third weekend.

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No movie can top Hunger Games just yet.

For the third weekend in a row, Hunger Games came up on top of the box-office ticket sales crossing over the $300-million-dollar-mark.

I am reading the first book now and I can’t wait to start reading the second one.  A friend of mine from Washington, D.C. is very eager to talk Hunger Games with me but I don’t want him to spoil it for me so I asked him to wait.  He bought the pin on eBay and was sporting it as we went to Easter Mass on Sunday.  Do you know who designed the pin?  Check out the interview here.

After this week of exams and a report due for school, I should be able to devote some time to read the next book. (or finish the first one for that matter)

May the odds be in my favor!

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