Oh no he didn’t! Kris Humphries To Kim Kardashian: Admit Our Marriage Was Fake!

The lies!

Who would you believe in this “he said, she said” drama?

Could Kim Kardashian really trick Kris Humphries into marriage for financial gain?  Is this one that was cooked up by matriarch Kris Jenner?

Who is telling the truth here?

Apparently, Kris Humphries is demanding a public apology and an admittance by Kim Kardashian that their marriage was fake and was done exclusively for financial gain.

Kris Humphries is one to not play with cause he filed for an annulment back in December according to sources, with reason that the marriage was a fraud.  And he keeps insisting that he receives a public apology… (so he doesn’t look like an ass that was used and abused without knowing it).


via Hollywood Life

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