Chimpanzee mauling victim Charla Nash shares progress, “Every day my muscles get better, I can smile.” NEW PHOTOS

For someone like Charla Nash, who was mauled by a pet chimpanzee and survived even after her face and limbs were torn off during the attack back in 2009, her  positive outlook in life helps us all in looking at our lives and saying, “If she can get through that, I can get through this.”

On a recent interview with the Harford Courant, Charla, who not only became famous because of the attack but because of the successful face transplant that was performed back in 2011 said the following:

“I don’t know what the future’s going to bring … so I don’t get my hopes up,” she said. “I mean, I hope someday I can live in my own house … and I’m hoping I can have horses again, like I used to have. I don’t know. I don’t know if, when, how, why … you know.”

“I can’t change myself. I just can’t walk anywhere by myself. My life depends on really not being alone…”

“I’m very happy that I’m here. I find it remarkable and absolutely amazing that I could be sitting here talking to people. I thank God that I’ve had the opportunity.”

And when asked whether she is angry at her friend Sandra Herold who owned the chimpanzee that attacked her, her response was:

“No, I wish I could have talked to her, but I needed to get healthier and stronger, and then she had passed away. But I wish I could have, you know, said something to her. I would have liked to really know how she felt. On one hand, I thnk she really, really felt bad. But on the other hand, she would revert back to just losing her chimp, and that was all she was concerned about.”

View the video of her interview with the Courant HERE.


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