I have never said the gay community doesn’t have any rights. – Stephen Baldwin (VIDEO)

Stephen Baldwin was one that I had an extreme crush on back in the day.  He’s cute and goofy – my weaknesses.  LOL!

Anyway, he recently spoke out about his stance on gay marriage on The Rosie Show (Rosie O’ Donnell that is – wink wink).  You may remember a movie he was in back then entitled “Threesome”.  Well, since then, he’s turned into an evangelical Christian and even defended Kirk Cameron on his remarks on Piers Morgan tonight.

This time, he explains his position and told Rosie that he never said that the gay community doesn’t have any rights.  So, what is he saying when he says gays should not be allowed to marry?

Watch the video below and find out.  Oh, and watch that OTHER video too.


Synopsis: Eddy and Stuart share two-thirds of a dormitory suite. Due to bureaucratic error, a woman named Alex is added to their room. At first, relations among the three are tense. Soon, however, Alex falls for Eddy, and Stuart lusts after Alex. Eddy comes to realize not only that he’s gay, but that he’s attracted to Stuart. The three pledge not to act on any romantic (or lustful) feelings with each other, and become close friends . . . while bottling up a lot of sexual tension.

via HuffPo

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