‘The Hunger Games’ record opening box office sales : $155 million

If you were one of the people who saw Hunger Games this weekend, it will probably not surprise you that the movie had a record-breaking box office ticket sales in the whopping amount of $155 million for a non-sequel film.

I literally watched the movie with 11 other friends, taking on a whole row of seats in the theater this weekend.

My take?  You should go see it.

I started to read the book and I was on page 101 of the first installment but I had to just see it.  I will continue to read the book (since I have nothing better to do than go to class and go to work anyway) before the next one comes out.

A friend of mine told me that it disturbed him.  Without giving too much detail, he had concerns about how teens will perceive the competition and how it will affect them.  I somehow didn’t share that view with him but, to each his own.

via CNN

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