The truth hurts – 20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines VIRAL VIDEO by Jimmy Sieczka

If you want notoriety, all you have to do is get a camera and go around the Philippines and tell your audience why it sucks to live there.

That is exactly what Jimmy Sieczka is about to get. The video is going viral as we speak and the hate comments are building up on the Youtube Video posted a day ago. 9712 comments as of this posting.

Realistically, everything that he said is true (except we can’t do anything about the cockroach population in a tropical country – except observe proper sanitation) and the correct response here should be, “What can I do to change it?”

If I love the Philippines so much that I am insulted by the truths that he spoke of, I should do something about it instead of posting a comment that won’t do anyone any good.

There are dirty cities all over the world and it includes the good U.S. of A.

Besides, he posted a note on his profile saying:

Jimmy Sieczka commented on 20 Reasons I Dislike _____. (the Philippines)

For those of you that think that this video was made to show my hate for the Philippines I must say that you are sadly mistaken. Watch urban master class on by Dansk santos as she follows me to get my first Filipino tattoo. A tattoo of the Philippine flag.. For those that actually get the piece and realize I’m just stating the obvious in an unconventional way in order to spark change, thank and salamat! With this many people watching, it proofs that there needs to be some more positive changes to the Filipino communities. Never once did I use the word hate in the piece. I simply pointed out issues that have been overlooked for quite some time.

Jimmy Sieczka commented on 20 Reasons I Dislike _____. (the Philippines)

coming soon, 365 Reasons Why I Dislike America. One for every day of the year that I don’t have to spend a second of the day in the USA.. Stay tuned.

And with the video below, he may now be awarded by – Channel Status – – – because in order to get a channel, you have to have a certain number of views on a video…

Jimmy Sieczka doesn’t have any channels yet. When one of Jimmy Sieczka’s pilots receives enough viewer appreciation, it will be awarded channel status.

Here’s the video:

And before you leave, make sure you watch this. Jimmy Sieczka is a film maker and he made this video as well….

Now, who’s hating who?

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