Oh no! It’s True! Jermaine Admitted to Affair with Whitney – La Toya Jackson

Well, Whitney Houston never said that she was an angel.  She completely admitted that she “had her demons too!”   So, we couldn’t blame her if indeed, she had an affair with a married Jermaine Jackson back in her early years in showbusiness.  La Toya Jackson confirmed the affair in an interview  in The Talk on March 5th saying:

“Well, in ’84, Jermaine and Whitney did work together. That was the beginning of her career, basically. Sometimes when you work closely with someone… ”   I think that Jermaine wrote that in his book to protect Whitney at that particular time and he has admitted that they had an affair.”

Jermaine Jackson’s autobiography mentioned that he did have feelings for Whitney but he set it aside to save his marriage.

Wow – – things you find out when someone dies.  I wonder what my family will find out about me?  Scary thought.

Meanwhile, The Funeral Home that handled Whitney’s remains denied leaking the photo of the songstress in an open casket.  They did say that they know who released and leaked the photo to the National Enquirer but they claim they couldn’t comment on it and that it is up to “Houston’s family” to say who leaked it.  Dang!

via ETonline.com

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