David Archuleta posts a video thanking his Nandito Ako peers, saying goodbye, a few weeks before he goes on his mission. (VIDEO)

How can you not adore David Archuleta?!

He posted a video blog on March 1st just to let his fans know how things are going.  He showed a shot of the recent snow storm that they had, thanked his peers in making the TV 5 mini-series, “Nandito Ako”, showed his black cat, and also updated his fans with a new album coming up. As you may all know, he leaves for his mission (he’s a Mormon) at the end of March. This was his way of keeping his fans updated before he goes.

I wanted to let you guys know March is the last month I have left before I leave. Keeping busy this month to make sure everything falls into place, though! There will be music! Sorry if this is so long and rambly again.

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