Hollywood Actor Taylor Kitsch’s Geography Lesson – It’s not the Philippines, it’s Indonesia! (VIDEO)

It was probably an honest mistake but actor Taylor Kitsch made an error in describing his airport delay in Asia citing the Philippines where he said he received “rough treatment” while guesting on David Letterman. On the Late Show with David Letterman, Canada-born Kitsch, 30, had also alleged the unidentified officer demanded that he be given an iPhone. David Letterman mentioned the Philippines but the actor did not correct him. This caused a firestorm that caught the attention of Philippine government officials.

There were no records of Mr. Taylor Kitsch of being in the Philippines and according the the Philippine Custom Commissioner, Mr. Ruffy Biazon, “Authorities had found no customs or immigration records of Kitsch’s visit.” The Philippines have worked very hard to increase and promote tourism in the country. Mr. Kitsch’s statement doesn’t help that matter in this case.

The Commissioner asked Mr. Kitsch to retract his statement. However, like Mr. Biazon said – “the damage was done”.

“Unfortunately, the damage was done…. In the meantime, Mr. Kitsch, perhaps you can help us redeem our lost pride,” Biazon wrote.


Do you think Mr. Kitsch should retract his statement? Does it matter?

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